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There are several varieties of guinea pig appearances. PetBasics breeds eight different types. Here you will see what each of those look like. We have numerous color varieties of each kind, however we intentionally try not to produce all white of any type except for the Red Eye and Black Eye Himalayans.  



Abyssinian Guinea Pigs are recognizable by their numerous cowlicks in their fur. This is a codominant gene that can be reproduced by only one parent expressing the appearance when bred to another type of GP. They can be found in any color and pattern type. 



The American Guinea Pig is the most commonly found type of GP in the pet industry. They are regarded by most enthusiasts as the common guinea pig. Their fur is smooth in appearance and grows from nose to rump. They will sometimes have a small bald spot on their forehead. The can be found in many different color variations including solid color as well as tri-color.




The Silkie Guinea Pig looks much like a Peruvian, however unlike Peruvians who have much coarser hair, a Silkie can not be mistaken due to their incredibly soft almost conditioned like feel to their hair. Like the Peruvian's, they have hair, not fur like most GPs. Their hair constantly grows and will require some regular maintenance such as brushing and trimming. When bred to a Peruvian you can get both types in the litter. Within a few days of birth you can easily tell which is which due to the feel of their hair. The Silkie can come in a variety of colors and patterns such as tri-color and roan.




The Peruvian Guinea Pig is considered to be the most sought after of all types of GP. They are recognized by their incredibly long flowing coarse hair. Unlike the Silkie, their hair tends to not matt up due to it's coarse feel. One of the easiest ways to tell the difference between a Silkie and a Peruvian juvenile is the direction of the hair on their heads. Peruvian GPs hair will go forward, almost creating a "bang" while Silkies tend to go with a more "Elivish" slicked back look. An adult Peruvian can litterally appear like a mop head as their side curtains will drap the floor like a long flowing dress. They can also be found in many color variations. 

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