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You’ve selected to provide your retail customers a wonderful new small animal companion in the form of one of PetBasics many babies! This is certain to provide their family an excellent experience, and many years of happiness and joy. All PetBasics babies are handled regularly to ensure a calm disposition. With proper care, your customer's new baby will enjoy a long, healthy life.

PetBasics guarantees that all of our babies are healthy and free of congenital defects. Congenital defects are abnormalities that are present at birth and are not considered hereditary. The following are not covered by the PetBasics Guarantee: colds, influenza, bacterial conditions, viruses, acquired diseases, vitamin deficiencies caused by improper lighting, growths, tumors, cancers or any condition caused by parasites or unknown loss. The guarantee is effective for up to 1 Year from the date of the retail customer's purchase, only up to the store's wholesale purchase price. In regards to rabbits and guinea pigs, they must remain on the Mazuri All Stages Diet they were raised on to keep their guarantee valid. The aforementioned diets are available, but are not required to be purchased from PetBasics. All Bearded Dragons must have proof that they had proper UVB lighting and calcium/multivitamin supplements available to them.

To submit a claim, please forward the following information via email to

1- The original invoice for the of purchase of the baby.

2- Proof of purchase from the Mazuri Diet in the form of an invoice, or UPC barcode from the bag.

3- A licensed vet statement noting a congenital diagnosis along with the veterinarian's charges.

4- Accepted claims will result in a credit in the amount of the selling store's original wholesale purchase price as well as a reimbursement for up to the amount of the vet diagnosis. The total will be applied to the purchasing store's next order.




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