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  1. Snooza Faux Fur Cuddler Dog Basket Grey
    Snooza Faux Fur Cuddler Dog Basket Grey
    Large 90x90x24cm
    Medium 70x70x18cm
    Small 50x50x13cm
    XLarge 110x110x27cm
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    Online price $209.99
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    All Day Orthopaedic Rectangle Dog Basket Grey XL 102x76x23cm
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    Non-member: $229.99
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Items 1-23 of 117

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Dog Beds

Large or small, all dogs need a dry and comfortable place to rest. Petbarn has a range of dog beds, mattresses, pillows, blankets, mats and heat pads for your best friend. From plush and luxury orthopaedic baskets to odour-resistant mattresses, there is a dog bed to suit any budget. And just like our canine friends, they come in all shapes, types and sizes - round, rectangle, indoor, outdoor, water resistant and even pinstripe. Whether it's the height of summer, or the dead of winter, treat your dog to a good night's sleep on a clean and safe dog bed!

What are the Best Dog Beds?

The best dog bed is one your dog feels most calm and comfortable in. Finding the best dog bed for your dog will depend on a few factors. The best dog bed will vary from outside dog to inside dog, puppies to seniors and easy sleepers to those who struggle. Before you purchase your dog's bed, think about: - Where is your dog sleeping? - Does your dog have any health issues? - What are your dog's sleeping preferences?

Orthopaedic Dog Beds

Orthopaedic dog beds are crafted from a high-density foam that can equally distribute your dog's weight over the bed. This type of base helps to relieve pressure points, such as easing the tension on the hips and arthritic joints. An orthopaedic dog bed is recommended for mature dogs who need that extra support. However, as many dog breeds can develop joint issues from an early age, an orthopaedic dog bed can also be great for preventative support.

Outdoor Dog Beds

Outdoor dog beds have been designed to handle the elements as well as keep your dog comfortable. To help avoid exposure to moisture on the floor, outdoor dog beds tend to be raised with a waterproof cover. Instead of the cushioned bed style that's common for inside dogs, outdoor dog beds include a steel frame and a stretcher style. The quality cover provides a supportive and soft surface for dogs to sleep on, and the raised design ensures airflow and protects against cold floors.

Raised Dog Beds

Raised dog beds are a great option to keep dogs cool and clean all year round. Designed in a stretcher style, raised dog beds offer your dog a place to sleep that's elevated from the ground so cold and moisture can't seep in. These are an ideal option for summer nights, so you can ensure your dog doesn't overheat overnight or get impacted by those summer storms.

What Dog Bed Brands do Petbarn Stock?

Snooza Dog Beds

Snooza dog beds are Australian made and sustainably minded, offering a wide range of bed styles and shapes for Australian dogs. They're products are proudly committed to our dogs' comfort and include different fabrications and features to meet different dog health issues and concerns. Snooza has dog bed classics like the raised bed, basket and sofa as well as more bespoke solutions, including their cuddlers which have been made for peak winter comfort and their futons.
Snooza Faux Fur Cuddler Dog Basket Grey

From $209.99


Snooza Calming Dog Multimat Grey

From $119.99


Snooza Orthopaedic Dog Sofa Chinchilla Grey

From $269.99


Superior Steel Dog Beds

Superior steel dog beds have been constructed with quality materials, with longevity and comfort in mind. As an Australia-owned brand, they know the unique climate that Australian dogs face and have designed dog beds to help combat the heat and humidity. Both the hessian cover and steel frame offer a heavy-duty dog bed that’s perfect for outside dogs of any size. With covers easy to change, the Superior steel dog beds are a perfect long-term solution to your dog’s bedtime.
Superior Steel Hessian Dog Bed

From $79.99


Superior Steel Hessian Raised Dog Bed Cover

From $19.99


Superior Steel Canvas Dog Bed Cover

From $59.99


How to Clean Dog Beds

Just like our dogs, dog beds need to be regularly cleaned to maintain health and hygiene. Some dog beds and covers can be machine washed; this offers the most thorough clean. For others, soak the bed cover, if it can be removed, or the entire cushion bed, in warm soapy water using a light disinfectant and let it air dry. Whilst cleaning can help protect against any pest infestation or bacteria build up, if the dog bed has been exposed to humidity or moisture and can't be cleaned, it might be time to opt for a new dog bed cover.

Do Dogs Prefer Hard or Soft Beds?

All dogs will have different preferences, and whether they prefer a hard bed, or a soft bed will depend on where the bed is situated, your dog's health and their age. Generally, dogs prefer whatever bed will let them regulate their body temperature as well as support their head and joints.

How Many Beds Should a Dog Have?

It's recommended that your dog has at least one bed to themselves. This lets them enjoy their own space and create their own little sanctuary. However, offering your dogs multiple beds at different spots throughout your home can ensure your dog doesn't end up using your furniture to unwind and saves you the inconvenience of moving their bed around as needed.

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